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Things have changed quite a bit since I started the b-line in 2008! You might have noticed that my jewelry production schedule has slowed a bit! But you can still find plenty of goodies at my etsy shop!

Wondering what I’m doing instead of making jewelry? Well, a little more than a year ago, I had a baby boy. And if that hasn’t kept me busy enough, I enjoyed designing his nursery so much that I’ve designed quite a few fabrics since then. And, I’m currently expecting our second baby–so I’m delving into nursery and fabric design once again. You can find my fabric for sale at spoonflower and plenty of photos of the nursery (more to come!) on my flickr page as well as my blog.

But the newest venture for me is my new photography business, Amy Bethune Photography. I am absolutely LOVING photographing little ones these days (my passion for the camera was born from initially snapping photos for my jewelry!). If you want to take a peek at my work, check out my website, amybethunephotography.com. You can find even more goodies on my photography blog and my ABP facebook page. And, if you find yourself in Southern Michigan and in need of a photographer, be sure to look me up!

So, there you have it! Stay tuned for what’s next.